Having a carpet at home can really add a lot of class and personality to your home. It certainly helps improve the mood and atmosphere of any room you place it in. But while it can help make a room better, if it has unpleasant odor then it will surely do the exact opposite. One of the problematic situations that many homeowners face is dealing with cigarette smoke smells from the carpet. If there are people who smoke cigarettes inside the home, its smell can get left behind on the carpet fiber causing quite an embarrassing situation particularly if you have visitors and guests over.SourceĀ 

Getting rid of the cigarette smoke smells from your carpet can be a tall order but it certainly isn’t impossible. If you want to learn how you can solve this carpet problem, just check out the simple and easy to follow guide below. The first thing that you will need to do is to gather the materials which we’ll be using for this task. What you will need is some baking soda, an empty talcum or baby powder container, and a vacuum cleaner. The baking soda is great for removing unpleasant odor and will surely make your carpet smell clean once more. Once you have these on hand you can proceed and start getting rid of the cigarette odor on your carpet.

Now, place some of the baking soda inside the empty powder container and go to the areas of the carpet where the cigarette smell is coming from. If you cannot really pinpoint the portion of the carpet where the smell is concentrated, then you are better off proceeding on the entire carpet. Sprinkle the area thoroughly with the baking soda using the container to evenly apply it to the carpet. Leave the baking soda on the carpet for 6 or more hours. The longer you leave it there the better. If you can afford to do so, leave it overnight for best results. The following morning, get your heavy duty vacuum cleaner and suck out the baking soda from the carpet. You will notice that the nasty cigarette odor will be gone and your carpet will now be smelling clean and fresh.