Your home is something that will definitely need more maintenance than an occasional painting to ensure it remains in good condition. It is important that you make a thorough check of your home once in a while and check that all parts are in proper working condition. Checking them once a year will itself help you avoid expenses in making extensive repairs like plumbing and drain repair. Here are some of the important checks you have to make.more info original source

Make a yearly check on your electric equipment and make sure that they are running properly and in safe condition. Get an electrician to check all the electrical equipment in your home to find out if there is any equipment that needs fixing. As a way of saving money and energy, replace the light bulbs in your room with CFL lights that consume less electricity, reducing your expenses on electricity considerably as well as making a positive contribution to the environment.

Your roof should be carefully tended to if you want to avoid spending huge amounts in repairing it later. Check the roof for any tiles that are missing or in a bad shape. Also check for the flashings in the chimney and make sure that the guttering is clear with no missing sections. Your roof can make a perfect haven for vegetation like moss and can cause damage if not cleared away in time. It will be easier to clear them away during the summer months.

Service your boiler
Do not wait for your boiler to break down in order to get it serviced. You will have a hard time getting it repaired if it breaks down in the winter season. It is best that you carry out the repairs during the summer and spring months. You should also consider upgrading your boiler since the newer ones in the market consume lesser gas, saving you more than 25% in gas bills.

Plumbing is one of the most important areas that you must check frequently. Make sure the pipes are well sealed to prevent leakage. Seals may wear out over time, so make sure a replacement is immediately at hand. Seal replacement can normally be done by yourself. You will also need to check your drains for any blockages and take immediate steps to clear them up. Doing this in time will help you minimize expenses like drain repair in the future.