Leveling from 1 to 85 in World of Warcraft can be one of the most rewarding aspects of playing Warcraft.

Learning your class mechanics, making friends, getting gear and ganking are just a handful of things that make leveling a toon in World of Warcraft fun.

The grind from level 1 to 85 is not all crimson and clover and there are many ways to turn what should be a great experience into such a nightmare that you might never make it to level 85 before you simply give up.

There are 5 simple pitfalls you can avoid to help reduce the chances that you’ll want to slam your head through your keyboard in utter frustration.Preorder Classic WoW Powerleveling from Gold4Vanilla

WOW Leveling Pitfall #1: Gear Makes the Man…or Orc: – As simple as this sounds gear can be the biggest challenge one faces leveling. It’s very easy to not upgrade your gear only to find yourself in a bad situation simply because you don’t have enough mana or health.

WOW Leveling Pitfall #2: Curiosity Can Kill You – While exploring can be fun and rewarding it can be also be very dangerous. Wandering into new zones where monsters seriously out level you will generally speaking lead to your death. This brings us to pitfall #3.

WOW Leveling Pitfall #3: Death, Avoid It – As simple as it sounds avoiding death is easily one of the most important things you can do to speed your leveling Dying affects you in several ways. First it reduces your item durability, which can make you less effective and become a waste of money. Second, you lose time walking back to your corps which can often be very time consuming.

WOW Leveling Pitfall #4: Trade Chat – There is no greater waste of time than trolling in trade chat. Countless souls have lost irrecoverable hours of game time and more importantly real life time to the pointless, but often funny and entertaining idiocy of trade chat. There are quest to be done and things to kill, get out there and do get things done.

WOW Leveling Pitfall #5: Illegal bots and the Ban Hammer: There are programs out there that can automatically level your characters while you sleep. There are even services that you can pay for to have them level your characters for you. Unfortunately both of these methods are against World of Warcraft rules and can lead to your account being permanently banned.

There you have it 5 very simple things you can avoid doing to help make your World of Warcraft leveling experience a great one.