.The administration of steroids can be very dangerous if it is done without the recommendation of a doctor, who knows all the side effects which can appear with these chemical substances. Sportsmen usually choose to start taking steroids in order for their performances to improve, but they don’t realize that these substances can damage their body in an irreversible way. Here are some of the indirect effects steroids can have.

First of all, steroids can lead to infections because of the needles which are often not sterile. Also, they can leave scars in the muscle in which they are injected. This can even lead to surgical interventions which are necessary in order for different muscles or parts of the muscle to be removed. There can also be abscesses, which are infectious masses formed inside the muscle, these being very painful and requiring surgery. It appears that there can also be psychological effects with these chemical substances, there being special testosterone receivers in the brain which respond to steroids. These receivers are responsible with aggressiveness and with irritability, but they are also connected to self-esteem.You could try these out, sports brands.

It is possible that part of these effects are self-induced because of the knowledge that steroids make one stronger. There are even cases when people turned into a danger for themselves and for the others. Specialists have also noticed different effects, such as euphoria, increased energy, sexual excitement, moody behavior, memory loss or mental confusion. There is also the effect known as the “fury of steroids”, which is a state which leads to violent and criminal behavior. However, it is also possible that these problems are not recognized as such, therefore, there are chances that there are even more indirect effects.

Last but not least, the administration of steroids causes addiction, especially mental addiction. Those who notice that steroids make them stronger and feel very good about this never give up on them, in spite of the fact that there are so many scientific proofs of the damage these chemical substances can lead to. Also, there is an abstinence syndrome, which is caused by the modifications the body suffers. The most common syndrome with steroids is depression, but one can also be tired, nervous, irritated and they can also lose their appetite, they can suffer from insomnia and they can have a low libido. In fact, they can even be impotent. These effects can persist for long periods of time, the maximum period being of one year.

No one can no what quantity of steroids can harm them and what quantity cannot. That is mainly because bodies respond in different ways and the positive effects which steroids can have on some people can turn into negative effects with some other people. However, specialists believe that there is no guarantee with the risks you expose yourself to if you insist on taking steroids, this responsibility being more like the Russian roulette. However, one thing is sure: you shouldn’t take steroids if these substances are not recommended by a good doctor.