With today’s technology and sophistication, it may be hard to know when you are being spied on and having your privacy invaded. Spy equipment comes in all shapes and sizes; eyeglasses, clocks, phones and even pens! With the sophistication of today’s equipment, it’s possible to spy on your sibling, your spouse, your employee, your employer, your customers, or even your nanny. The moral question remains: how can you protect yourself without breaking the law? Well, that depends on how thoroughly you have checked your local, federal and state laws. In many states it is illegal to record any voices; and if you are an employer you may need to inform your employees if you are going to record their computer time and websites they visit.

If you think you are being spied on while in public, you need to notify the police immediately. Something as inconspicuous as a pair of eyeglasses can be used as spy equipment to capture your every move. Cameras the size of your thumb may be put almost anywhere to record you and your voice. Keep in mind, when it comes to your employer, they will most likely have every right to keep an eye on you and your activities. An employer can monitor your computer time at work to make sure you are doing what you were hired to do, not surfing or purchasing concert tickets. They can also put cameras near cash registers and in washrooms to make sure employees and customers are not stealing merchandise or money. Parents who want to keep an eye on their nanny’s behavior with their children can use spy equipment.Find out hereĀ spy equipment.

With a nanny camera, they can have reassurances that the nanny is providing proper care to the children. A child detection device is a wonderful tool that parents can use to locate their child if they wander off, or get lost. Every second counts in this situation and parents can ensure that their child will be found quickly before disaster strikes. The good news is that most people have their moral compass set in the right spot; meaning that you can be assured of retaining your right to privacy in most instances. Stay alert when you are in public areas and be on the lookout for anyone who seems to be following you or who looks suspicious. Report them immediately. Do not go to a secluded area where you will be a target with no witnesses.