Dedicated servers are used in large companies. A dedicated server is one single web server dedicated to your website alone. Your hosting provider will provide you with your own processer, hard drive, and RAM and bandwidth capability. So, if you want to customise your server and make it unction the way you would like to, dedicated servers are the right way of doing it. For websites which have high traffic, these servers are very useful. There are many benefits to these servers, some of them having a very good response time and the hosting provider gives you good customer service and makes sure all your needs are taken care of. There are various types of these servers too, like a private dedicated server, a dedicated server for gaming purposes, a dedicated server used for security purposes and more. click here

Types of web hosting services available

There are many types of web hosting services out there. Few of them are:
1. Dedicated
2. Shared
3. Managed
4. Re-seller
5. Free web hosting
Of these, dedicated web hosting servers are the most popular.

Difference between dedicated servers and shared servers:
In shared hosting, each website has a limitation to how much bandwidth it can use whereas in dedicated hosting; the entire bandwidth is at your disposal. And since it is completely used by you alone, the speed is more and there will be smaller lines for the visitors to get to your site. There is more control with dedicated web hosting servers; hence, you can get higher levels of security. Also, with the control that you get with this server, you can install any application you want, carry out script testing as often as you want to; basically the responsibility of the website is completely on you and you get to call the shots on it. Thus, you can shape the way you want your server to be. So, for customized options and greater flexibility and control, dedicated servers are the best option for your company.

But of course, with more freedom and higher bandwidth comes a high price. The cost of owning dedicated servers is more than shared, so you should opt for it if your company has high incoming web traffic. So, you need to make the trade off between the price you have to pay and the benefits that you would receive in return before judging whether you should opt for dedicated servers or not.

A few more advantages of dedicated servers:

1. Email functionality: They are much more configurable with dedicated web hosting servers.
2. Adding and removing websites to/from account: Adding and removing websites, any number, can be added to the account quite smoothly. Also, you can get static IP addresses for your sites.
3. Performance: Since you don’t have to worry about slow loading of the web pages or the site going offline at unpredictable times, you can count on the site-visitor rate going up. With dedicated web hosting servers, overloading of sites is also not something to be worried about.